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Can of worms

2007.06.07: torsdag 20:58:52


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Here we go again with the Phenom, the Nikon Coolpix 950, and the old Siemens ME 45.
The laptop displaying the Wordpress blog is attached, it should float to the right side of the column.
The original is shot at 1024 740 and then reduced using Ultragraphics on the Phenom to 800 600. When received by Wordpress it is thumbnailed to 400 300 for display, linked to a full sized version that will open in a new window.
Many things can, and will go wrong since the post is scripted through a virtual can of worms before making it (fingers crossed) to the final formated layout.
Let’s see if it works then 21:06:32

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Floating images and wrapping text with Postie


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The sun is out, it looks like spring finally got up even here.So, it is time to get out and away from the computer, right?

Wrong. I have this old Windows CE machine: the faithful LG Phenom Express. It has travelled far and survived many hardships. It will come along camping, and help me stay in touch by mobile phone and GPRS. I see these little critters are getting impossible to find these days- I suppose they are dismissed as relics from the stoneage, but still, they are quite amazingly powerful cigarbox typewriters.
So, naturally I’m setting up a blog to receive posts by email, and also to display any images I attach properly formatted, with CSS controlled text flow to the left or to the right. It’s faster to type, and the original file is much more human-readable.


*My faithful LG Phenom on Old Unfaithful*

For testing I am putting the first image here above to the right, and the the second to the left, using the “float” property to flow text around. When clicked they should display at full size in a separate window. The geek-in-me insists that i **MUST** make some resident macros for the divs that position images: hit ctrl-l and the flow-text-left-template is entered automatically. Wordpress will resize uploaded images to a width of 400 by default, but sometimes this should be overridden. And then, and then, and then . . . maybe by the end of summer the system will be ready. . . in the meanwhile I’ll just stay put and THINK ABOUT communicating.

Time for a cup of tea, methinks. Hope these images float to where I want them to float, and that the pseudo-cron that tells Wordpress to check for new posts on the secret email address every fifteen minutes will actually do so.

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Testing: blogging by email: camping in Hamningberg

Just testing submission by email and cron.
This might work for dispatching from the field, over a mobile phone, or using a PPC. Since my ISP, Prohosting, does not offer `cron’, I have to make do with a workaround. This means the intervals between grabbing the emailed post will depend on the frequency of blog visits. A proper cronjob would be much better.

Let’s see if an attached photo will be posted as well . . . here is one from a trip to Hamningberg:


click to enlarge
And here is camping at that quaint little village:


It will be interesting to see how the html formatting embedded in this post displays.

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A year ago I was riding the Molotoff along the northern shores of Turkey.
The western half is by far the most charming.

Turkish houses in the countryside

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Three winters ago

From the land of song
Ula in winter. Pauliai, Dzukia.

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Good Morning.

I wonder if the crone will get this by itself, automatically.
This is being sent over pop3 e-mail.
It can be handy when there is not an internet cafe close.
One can post from a mobile phone this way.
Here is a photo, a very long photo of Steilneset:
Click for full length if you have a good internet connection

This ends testing Wordpress ver.2 and mailpostingautomation with Cron and
Postie. It is now 5:48 AM here in Vardo.
There was a bit of php to hack to get this staggering along.

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Arctic blizzard

Half an hour ago it was delightful sunshine, and now this: a
no-holds-barred arctic blizzard, the sort of thing Jack London does so
It does not appear to be very photogenic. I opened my window, took three
quick shots and stitched them with iSeemedia’s “Photovista”. The resulting
image is just a bluish blur. Too bad I cannot add a soundtrack. The noises
this wild thing makes are truly classical, but my house is shaking in a
nervous sort of way. The last blizzard left a number of misplaced roofs in
the landscape. I’ll have to watch my step later when I go shopping for
groceries. Not at all a nice day for riding a bike.
I’ll experiment a bit on this log now, and send this text as an email. I’m
curious if that allows picture attachments to appear automatically as
thumbnails that can be clicked for full size display. Please click the
blizzard to see if it pops up properly in a new window, as it should.

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