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Vardonians sail through iron curtain to Murmansk, 1959

Here is a short video commemorating a daring venture.

In the summer of ‘59 the Vardonian City Band went on a spontaneous mission of friendship to Murmansk. It was decided that getting visas and STUFF would take too long, so they just cast loose . . .

Despite the chilly politicalспални комплектиcatv climate of those times they were received with flowers, smiles, honors, and hearty hospitality. Later that same year the Russians made a return visit, and now, 50 years later, we are at long last setting sails for Russia again. Stay tuned!

Beware: The “Russian” titles in this clip are raw machine traslations- so they will at times be hilariously incorrect. Still, with some good will a native Russian speaker ought to be able to surmise the original meanings intended. There will eventually be more picture materials from the Russians’ visit to Vardø incorporated, and when this is edited I will also submit my Silicone Russian for proper review.

If you have moderate speed on your internet connection, try this first one:

If you have high speed on your internet connection, try this second one:

вик услуги

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Croned Postie- Testing Norwegian characters

Hello from Vardø!


This image should float to the right side of the text.

Here they are: æøå ÆØÅ
Then with h3 formatting..

æøå ÆØÅ Æda Østfor Måne.

Da va da.

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Yet another Wordpress test

Writing on the Phenom Express here again, wondering if things will work wirelessly.


This may, or may not be the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead pictured.

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Feeding the King crap


Click for full size

It’s been ages since the last entry here. Time to let the World know I’m still kicking

So here we are, my crab and I on the Barents Sea. Long time no fishing. Last time I hugged a KingCrab was back in 1968 on the good ship Bernice captained by Ed Gundersen off Kodiak island, Alaska. Now these crawling goodies have come to Finnmark, and if you live here you are free to go out and catch what you can eat, and give the rest away. There are lots of them. Too many as a matter of fact. They are known to be invasive and put a heavy strain on other marine life.

It was a bit windy out there this day, and so I got seasick of course, and then I fed the crabs. A case of give and take.

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Oslo aircamp


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Since my flight from Lithuania got in to Oslo airport at midnight, and today’s leg to Alta takes off at nine, I decided to camp in the nice and dry cave close to the checkin counter. I could tell I was back in Norway by the frequent approving nods at the reindeer skin.
Later today I may have a chance to do a little skateboarding with the luggage. At this point it weighs in at sixty kilos with carryon.


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At the cottage


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It has been four years since I was here. At that time too it was a night’s stopover, heading east. There is something undeniably mysterious about the pines swimming in the thick grey mist outside- and ever so peaceful.

The trip from Vardø¸ to Volda with Hilde went well. From here to Lithuania is about the same distance - a little over 2000 kilometers.


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It has been a long day`s trip for Hilde. From Volda to Vardø.

It is time to enjoy a fresh local cod, and hit the sack.

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