The Day of the Sun

Today the cannons went off at the old fort to salute the sun. Twice they fired as the sun cleared the watery horizon to the south. It is sunny and clear, hardly a cloud in the sky, perfect day for a stroll.

  • I noticed that a number of other “Vardonians” had the same impulse. Those two salutes signify the beginning of a new season here, long awaited.

  • From now on the days will get lighter and warmer, and before we know it the magic of spring is upon us.

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    Solstice in Vardø

    Here they are, the magnificient mermaids of Vardø.(click for full size)

    They like to go swimming in the icy seas every other week-or-so, and it’s
    a MUST to go for a dip when the sun is on its lowest, turning around to
    come back up. That’s today, at 7:35PM local time to be precise: Winter

    I was very honored and pleased when they invited me to come along for the
    ritual- how could I resist?!

    The happening took place at Svartneset, on the coast of the main land just
    on the other side of the tunnel. There is a
    nice sandy beach there, and none of the treacherous currents that can
    sweep you clean out into the Barents’ Sea from the
    island of Vardø.

    So exactly as the sun reached its low point of the year we ran screaming
    into the waters to let the waves cover us. Then
    we all came back up with renewed energy and glee to share the hot and
    sweet “gløgg” that Ingrid had so thoughtfully
    brought along.

    A good time was had by all, and we now feel very much at one with the
    creative new energies of the coming seasons.

    And yes! Even the weather cooperated nicely. Yesterday sported a mean
    northern gale with snow blizzards. Today however,
    conditions were perfect with powdery snow, bright Northern Lights, and the
    sea a balmy four degrees above freezing.

    At the end we all agreed we would do this more often.

    Unfortunately, my batteries passed out when everybody stripped.
    This photograph is taken after the main event.
    I’ll try my best to deliver some more nudity on our next dip.

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    Lithuanian memories

    We pulled the nets from the lake that morning.

    (click to see full size)
    Good fishing.
    The fishing was good, and Mamertas is a masterful chef. Sometimes I miss my friends in sweet little Lithuania.

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