Human & Universal Energy, Spiritual Human Yoga, Mankind Enlightenment Love, HUESA
Perspectives regarding contemporary movements based on the teachings of Luong Minh Dang (1942-2007)

Date of compilation: April 28, 2013  

  • Academic discussions

  • SPIRITUAL HUMAN YOGA - Brief Information (dated)
    Short introductory brief.

  • PDF: Spiritual Human Yoga and Master Dang
    Article often cited by other academics on the Master Dang cult.
    Spiritual Human Yoga and Master Dang, by Jean-Francois Mayer University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
    A paper presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the Center for Millenial Studies at Boston University, November 1999
  • PDF: Universal Energy: Bedri Cetin, Ph.D.
    Systematic and Scientific Investigation-Bedri C.Cetin, Ph.D.
    One may question the scientific soundness of Cetin's arguments, assumptions, and method- yet, this is one of the more interesting apologies for UE paradigms.
    Prof. Dr. Sir Master LUONG MINH DANG:

    English Transcript of a session with Dang and his students, 2007.
    Interesting record of a pronounced cultic mindset.
  • Religions of the World, Google Books
    Unbiased Article on HUESA by Gordon Melton in Religions of the World encyclopedia.
    Google books snapshot.
  • Relinfo: Spiritual Human Yoga (SHY)
    Swiss article by Therese Graf, 1999

    Luong Minh Dang, der 1942 geborene Gründer der Bewegung, lebt in Saint Louis (Missouri / USA). Er emigrierte 1985 aus Vietnam. Das umfassende spirituelle Wissen habe er von einem Meister empfangen, dem es seinerseits von einem Meister aus Sri Lanka namens Dasira Narada vermittelt worden sei.

    Seine akademischen Würden «Doktor der Philosophie» (PhD) und «Doktor der Wissenschaft» (DSc) honoris causa hat ihm ein gewisses «Institut für alternative Medizin» in München, «angegliedert an die Offene Internationale Universität für Ergänzungsmedizin», verliehen. 1989 hat er «Spiritual Human Yoga» ins Leben gerufen.

  • Spiritual Human Yoga - Geistheilung nach "Meister Dang"
    German article on "spiritual healing practices"
    Dated, but interesting perspective.
    Spiritual Human Yoga -
    Geistheilung nach “Meister Dang”
  • PDF: German article on SHY
    Michael Grüninger, Dipl.-Theologe
    Article June 2000

    "Obwohl SHY als Alternative zur Schulmedizin auftritt, schmückt sie sich mit den
    schulmedizinischen Insignien. Eine Wissenschaft, die erklärtermassen keine reliable
    Datenbasis zur Verifikation ihrer Wirksamkeit aufweisen kann, kann nicht anerkannt werden."

  • Spiritual Human Yoga
    German academic article

    "Luong Minh Dang betrachtete sich selbst als ersten und einzigsten Menschen der Erde, der von Gott die Fähigkeit erhalten habe, die sieben chakras des Menschen zu öffnen und diese göttliche Energie von ihm selbst auf seine Schüler übertragen zu können. Durch diese Übertragung würden die Menschen mit einer Universalen Energie aufgeladen, die alle Krankheiten und Katastrophen heilen."
  • Google Answers: on "fake" academic degrees and titles"
    According to this information, Lady Theresa has a worthless Ph.D degree from The Open International University of
    Complimentary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Master Dang's degrees and titles appear equally questionable.

  • Religioscope > Science comparée des religions et nouveaux mouvements religieux
    La science comparée des religions face aux nouveaux mouvements religieux
    Scholarly article in French, giving academic perspectives on comparative religious studies on "new religions"

  • UE Discussion forums, online communities

  • Cult Education Forum :: "Cults," Sects, and "New Religious Movements" :: Spiritual Human Yoga / Mankind Enlightenment Love / HUESA
    Participants on this Cult Education Forum often have personal experience as previous cult members, and ask critical questions.
    "I also wish to assist those who are concerned about family members who have devoted and continue to devote all their personal time and money to this group."
  • Re-thinking Master Dang's teachings
    Farkhad Fatkullin moderates an open forum, basically in sympathy with, but independent from the mainstream UE cults:
    Your concerns about UE school Use this forum to express and share your concerns and ideas on how to move forward and what should be done on other UE matters

    Here, an example of internal critique found there:
    "Students of UE level 20 are vested with the ability to "assign" soul(s) to dead bodies for a new "in-situ" re-incarnation : frankly speaking HOW can we be sure that we select correct soul(s) to assign to dead bodies on behalf of GOD? If any thing goes wrong , who will be responsible for this wrong doing?"
  • FACEBOOK: Human & Universal Energy, Spiritual Human Yoga, Mankind Enlightenment Love
    Facebook "umbrella" group on:
    Human & Universal Energy, Spiritual Human Yoga, Mankind Enlightenment Love
    Numerous quotes, pictures, videos of Dang et. al.
  • Facebook: another HUE, HUESA, SHU, MEL grouping
    Another Facebook group
    Human & Universal Energy, Spiritual Human Yoga, Mankind Enlightenment Love
  • UE Global website
    Universal Energy Global site.
    Activity on the forums have declined rapidly over the last years.
    Some charming videos of the Master singing here.. look under "Media Center"
  • Associated websites

  • HUESA | Academy of Human Universal Energy and Spirituality
    Main site of HUESA.
    Shows evidence of declining activity.
    Commercial offering of "HUEnergy".
    The training of basic HUEnergy™ method only require one day training on the weekend. Three months group coaching is included in the tuition for questions & answers and further understanding for real life applications and practice after the course.
    Tuition: USD $3000
  • Universal Energy Movement- a brief history
    Quite accurate intro, on
    Cremation of the body of Master Dang and spreading his ashes above the Ocean - Melbourne, Australia. After passing away of Master Dang, individual differences in perception of the teaching lead to numerous independent groups of the UE school, represented by associations such as MEL (later renamed HUE Faculty), HUESA and multitude of independent instructors and practitioners.
  • Universal Energy Movement - literature references offers an extensive literature reference.
    Unfortunately many of the links are dead at this time.
  • Applications of Universal Energy
    Spiritual Human Yoga, russia.
    Pages run mostly by Farhad Fatkullin
    Universal Energy application are shown, with pictures as "proof" of effectiveness:
    Cancer cells activity – without Universal Energy transfer and after 30 second Universal Energy Transfer
    Wounds on the skin – with and without Universal Energy transfer
    Home plant – no watering, roots of garden plants and potatoes harvest without and with Universal Energy transfer (bigger potatoes with UE!)
    Seed germination and sprout development without and with Universal Energy transfer

    You can request a healing transfer with Universal Energy, which is given under the responsibility of SHY-Holland.
    For this you click on the word HEALING.
    You will then leave this website and be forwarded to a special webpage
  • YouTube video of "The Master" singing.
    The Master shows considerable charisma, sings quite well.
    Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang

  • UE on Bio Model
    A typical reference to "scientific" studies legitimizing Dang's claims
    "In Vitro Study of the Effects of Universal and Human Energy on Biological Models"
    On home pages of MEL Malaysia

    "By echoing what Prof. Dr. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang exposes in his lectures, we can only hope that many other scientists will have the possibility to reproduce and to further continue these studies, which are still in the embryonic stage."

  • Ministry of UE Healers - free physical, emotional and spiritual distant healing.
    "We are now convinced that this Universal Energy healing will be one of the answers to mankind's health problems in the new millennium."
  • special page for Master Luong Minh Dang
    3D slideshow dedicated to the Master...
  • Universal Energy Net- Malaysia
    MEL Malaysia appears to be still relatively active under its director, Sister Bee